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acoustic treatment home studio door

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Main Products: acoustic soundproof wooden doors, acoustic soundproof steel door
Model No.: PT60-D-53 Brand: YBOX Place of Origin: China
Packing: Strong plywood outs... Color: customized Size: custom
Function: Soundproof Soundproof Rating: 38dB Door Leaf Thickne...: 60mm
Surface Finishing: Finished Door Material: Composite Veneer Type: Nature / Technolog...
Open Style: Swing Delivery Time: About 30 days

Applicable Place:

Suitable for home, hotel,Offices, conference halls, etc.(such as: study, bedroom, piano room, school, hospital, etc.)

Acoustic Rating:

After professional sound insulation material screening, and multi - layer sealing structure. The sound insulation of a 60mm thick soundproof 

door tested by a third-party laboratory is 35-38dB (A).

Technical Parameters:

1. Processing technology:

>>Wood veneer composite technology + hot pressed wood veneer technology;

>>Professional CNC cutting technology + cold pressed composite sound insulation material;

>>Automatic wood veneer sealing technology + automatic trimming technology;

>>Automatic opening lock hole + hinges + door closer;

>>Quality measurement + inspection hole position (full automatic processing technology design, in line with international processing 

     technology standards).

2. Structure description of the door leaf thickness of 60mm:

>>The surface structure of the door leaf is: soundproof composite material + multi-layer solid wood composite board + environmentally

     friendly wear-resistant paint.

>>The surface and four sides of the door leaf are automatic edge-sealing wood veneer. 

     (wood veneer type: natural veneer and technical veneer respectively, the thickness of veneer is 0.5mm-0.6mm)

>>The bottom of the door is equipped with an automatic lifting sealing strip (concealed), which can provide excellence sound insulation, 

     smoke prevention and mosquito resistance when it is in close contact with the ground.

3. The door frame structure adopts a multi-layer soundproof sealing structure;

>>The surface structure of the door frame is: soundproof composite material + veneer (visible surface veneer),  

     wall structure with double edging of Casing, Casing size design: 55x15mm, 60x18mm (can be customized);

>>Hardware accessories standard: 3mm thick stainless steel hinge, bearing 30KG/PCS, so  that the gap between the door frame and the 

     door leaf is controlled within 3mm;

>>The thickness of the side of the door frame is 45 mm;

>>The width standard of the door frame is 120mm/160mm/180mm/200mm.(can also be customized according to the thickness of the wall).

4. Door size range:

>>Standard size: (H)2100mm * (W)900mm (Height*Width)

>>Maximum customized size is :Single leaf: (W) 1100mm * (H) 3000mm; Double leaf: (W) 2000mm *(H) 3000mm.


5.Opening direction selection:  (Subject to standing outside)

>> Open right inward   (hinge is on the right, handle is on the left);  Open right outward  (hinge is on the right, handle is on the left); 

>> Open left inward    (hinge is on the left,handle is on the right);  Open left outward   (hinge is on the left,handle is on the right).

open direction.jpg

6.Wall structure selection: (Three wall structure options)

wall structure.jpg

Related Patents:

201120028656.6; 201720110519.4; 201621179442.8; 201620260886.8; 201620260881.5

Soundproof Structure Technical Description:

1. The door leaf adopts multi-layer damping composite sound insulation material, which is used for sound insulation attenuation through

    the material properties of different media.

2. Door frame and door leaf sealing treatment: adopt Y-shaped, U-shaped and L-shaped four-layer soundproof sealing structure;

3. The door leaf adopts the patented technology of the invention: the oblique mouth technology.

4. The bottom of the door is equipped with automatic lifting sealing strip (concealed), and the door hanging Angle of 8mm soundproof 

    seal is in close contact with the ground.

5. The installation and sealing treatment between the DIY door frame and the wall is treated with high polyurethane foam + sealing structure 

    glue to enhance the sound insulation effect.

Installation Technical Description:

1. Trial installation before leaving the factory, separated door frame structure, DIY installation is simple and quick 

    (all holes are well positioned in the factory).

2. Installation of door frame: iron plate and screws are used for fixing, and sealant is used for filling gaps.

3. Filling material between the door frame and the wall: treated with polymer foam rubber + sealing structural adhesive.

4. Assembly of door leaf and door frame: single fan adopts 3PCS hinge positioning; double fan uses 6PCS hinge positioning.

5. Automatic lifting sealing strip at the bottom of the door leaf: Complete the installation before leaving the factory.

Package Instruction:

Packaging: the surface of the door adopts blue film protection + 10mm thick pearl film inside packing + strong plywood outside packing.

Production period: 1-50PCS :30 days; 50-100PCS :35 days; 100-200PCS :40 days.

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